About 1st Round Pictures

At 1st Round Pictures, our goal is to simply entertain. Created in 2012, and based in Los Angeles, California, we are involved in creating and developing the highest quality, most entertaining visual media available today. With departments in scripted television, feature film, commercial production, reality television and music video production, 1st Round Pictures covers all aspects of filmed entertainment. In these departments we work with top professionals from all aspects of the film industry. Our projects are carefully selected for their originality, quality, and commercial potential. The mindset of 1st Round Pictures is to create winning content both in-house as well as with partners, and see it all the way through to completed product. Teague Egan, CEO of 1st Round Pictures, says “Life is all about the adventure, we just happen to come up with innovative ways to capture it with a transparent piece of glass and share it with the world.”


Teague Egan


Teague Egan is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of 1st Round Enterprises, a company that creates and owns products and properties in sports, music, film, and private equity. READ MORE

Riley Egan


Riley Egan is an entrepreneur and filmmaker working with 1st Round Enterprises. The brother of founder and CEO Teague Egan, Riley relocated from Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles in 2009 and joined the 1st Round family as President of 1st Round Pictures in 2010. READ MORE

Nic Delikat

Director & Editor

Nic is the lead Director & Editor for 1st Round Pictures. He creates captivating graphics and visuals across all divisions of 1st Round Enterprises, as well as finding outside projects to create original content. READ MORE

Mike Brown

Director & Editor

Mike is a producer and video/graphics effects specialist for the Pictures division of 1st Round. He emphasizes a new level of innovation in all his work pushing the boundaries of 3D graphic animation. READ MORE